Thursday, July 24, 2014

Just a Note

Hey there! I've been super busy and haven't really been able to post this week; sorry. But I did just want to throw one thing up here for you all to think about until next week: how do you view yourself as God's child?
I know that's a little weird to say. But really, how often do you look at yourself and see a child of God? How often do you judge yourself by how your characteristics measure up against others, rather than the One whose standards are perfect?
Every child carries traits from their parents. I, for example, have almost exactly the same hair colour as my mom does, but I inherited my dad's short temper and rebelliousness. Anyone who knows my family can see my parents in me. So the question is, if God is truly our father, can people see Him in us?
That's just something to get you thinking until next week, when I'm hoping to go deeper. One thing I would love for you to do in the meantime is this: after you read this post, go to the comments and leave a comment naming one characteristic of God's that you personally would like to see in yourself more clearly. Then name one thing preventing you from displaying that characteristic.
Have a great week, everyone! When I return from my camping adventures this weekend, I'll pop in and go deeper.

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  1. Thought I'd leave an example; maybe break the ice a little.
    One trait of God that I really want people to see in me is His ability to love everyone, even knowing that they have done wrong. I am prevented from displaying this trait by my defensive nature that is quick to find fault and slow to forgive.
    It doesn't have to be in-depth or soul-baring. Just say what you think. Hope to hear from you!!!