Saturday, November 22, 2014

Sleep is Optional

No, this isn't actually my philosophy on life, and I don't recommend taking this approach. Any one of my friends could testify that I am always complaining about how inconvenient it is that human beings need sleep, but since we do, I try to get what I need. This, however, doesn't always happen. Let me outline my week for you:

SUNDAY: woke up at 7am, showered for church. Went to church. Came home. Finished a psychology project that wouldn't save right; didn't get in bed until midnight.
MONDAY: 5:15 I was up for daily devotions and left my house for school at 6:50. The school bell rings at 15:07. I cleaned up my seventh hour room (my seventh hour is a cadet block in which I have the opportunity to teach a sophmore English class). Found my dad, got food, went down for a dress rehearsal of our high school's fall musical, Annie. Left my school around 21:45, home by 22:30 (allowing for snow), homework, went to bed 23:30ish.
TUESDAY: same basic routine, except a little bit later getting home and getting into bed. By this point, I was thoroughly exhausted. This is roughly how the last three weeks of my life have been, which explains why it's been so long since I've blogged. Sorry.
WEDNESDAY: first performance! Up at five, left at 6:30. at the school, costumes, makeup, the whole shebang. Exhausting but enjoyable performance, cast pictures afterward. Around 14 I crashed in my drama teacher's room with Hairspray playing in the background. Speech and debate practice afterward, then--miracle of miracles--I went home! Ate dinner with my family, got in bed by 20, it was great.
THURSDAY: same morning routine as Monday and Tuesday. After school, I hung around with some friends, ate dinner, and headed down to drama at 17. Opening night was great, left the school at 22:23, in bed late.
FRIDAY: same as the day before but got home slightly earlier. Babysat my English teacher's overly energetic 5-year-old daughter after school, which was exhausting but amusing, as she "taught" my friend Alex to dance. Suffice it to say he'll never be a ballerina. :)
SATURDAY: today. Dragged myself up at 10:04 because my family was having breakfast. Currently, I'm sitting at my computer in my pyjamas writing a blog post and composing a cryptogram for my music theory class. My brother is home from college, my grandparents are here, we're officially on Thanksgiving break, and my sister Sage is cutting my youngest sister's hair. We have one more performance tonight and then I'll never sing "Tomorrow" again. :)

Needless to say, I've been busy. That's where the "sleep is optional" idea comes in. But there's another thing that has kind of become "optional" over the last few weeks: time with God.
Compare how much time you spend with God vs how much time you spend looking in the mirror. For me this usually isn't a problem, but that's because I don't spend any time looking in the mirror, not because I spend lots of time with God. When we get busy, it's super easy to consider that makeup and mirror time are mandatory, but time with God is the first to go. It's almost an automatic reaction.
I'm not going to challenge you to document your mirror time and your devotion time. But it's something to think about. Sometimes, it's okay to just drag a brush through your hair and leave it at that. Makeup is not a must. And unless you're planning on joining a musical, leave the drama to the professionals and try talking to God instead of the mirror.


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