Wednesday, December 10, 2014


Drama people are weird. Any of you who have ever met one ought to know. I left Thursday morning for Colorado's Thespian Conference, which basically means three days of hanging out with some of the weirdest people I know. Between then and now, here's what went down.

  • My choir teacher said she really can't picture me in black leather. 
  • I apparently can't count. Turns out eight comes after seven. 
  • I got lost trying to find the bathroom I'd walked right past three times. 
  • One of my best friends tried to get herself run over in the Target parking lot because she was picking up a penny. 
  • I tried to get myself run over yelling at her for trying to get herself run over. 
  • Did you hear about the man who lost his whole left side in a car crash? Don't worry; he's alright now. (If you don't get this, try reading it out loud.) 
  • I learned to beat people up. 
  • The aforementioned friend tried to convince me to go to the thirteenth floor of our hotel at midnight tonight. Something about defying her triskaidekaphobia. 
  • My other friends were traumatised by a greaser. 
  • I wrote the first and last scene of a play in under ten minutes. 
  • I turned around and yelled at a girl I don't even know for getting a song stuck in my head. She then proceeded to compliment my VeggieTales backpack. 
  • I skipped through the streets singing "Under the Sea" with my drama buddies. 
  • I'm sitting in a Mexican restaurant typing a post and watching my friends "salsa dance".
My friend Savannah, doing the "salsa dance"
  • I was just asked if I wanted sugar with my chips. 
  • The girl sitting next to me (another friend) turned up her hat. I told her it was the most attractive look I'd seen all day and her face made me laugh. Turns out, Chile rellano doesn't go well down the windpipe. 
  • I tried to salute my drama teacher and hit myself in the eye. 

  • Got up at 6:45 to work out. Any day where I burn 200 calories before breakfast has to have something good in it.
  • Swing dancing is the bomb.
  • I have skills. Try this: overloaded Subway sandwich in one hand, cup in the other, having a texting conversation and walking down a crowded street.
  • CHOCOLATE!!!!!!!!!
  • Just watched a girl do a cross-body cartwheel. Never going to learn to do that without killing myself.
  • Actually learned to salsa dance. Seriously fun. Anyone else ever tried this?
  • From left to right, my friend Jordan, Brittany (the one who tried to get herself run over) and, of course, me. We are in the theatre at the Denver Convention Centre getting ready to watch a play.
  • Les Miserables is the best musical ever. Watched it for the first time. Oh. My. Gosh. It was beautiful.
  • Didn't go to bed until 1 am. What was I saying about not needing sleep?
  • Totally did not get up for a workout. Don't tell my dance teacher.
  • Tried the same thing as yesterday, but with a Chipotle burrito. Bad life choice.
  • Book shops are my best friend. Found a Mary Higgins Clark thriller for $4. Score!
  • Does anyone here know what slam poetry is? (It's great.)
  • Our bus was 45 minutes late picking us up. Yay.
  • Ate Chick-fil-a for the first time ever. I love chicken.
  • My mom became a secret agent.
  • I just taught my sister how to mop the floor.
All in all, it was a fantastic weekend. How about everyone else? What kind of weird/interesting/super-exciting things have you done recently?

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