Tuesday, March 24, 2015

Getting Creative | Working Around a Declining Standard of Modesty

I'm finally getting over being sick (I think), which is the biggest reason I haven't posted for a month. The other reason is that my eyes have really been bothering me, and staring at screens hurts them a lot, making it extremely difficult to type. No typing=no blog posts.

Prom at my high school is about a month away; the first weekend in May. I’m a senior, seniors go free, despite my overall dislike for high school dances as a whole I decided to go. And then almost changed my mind when I ran into one teeny-tiny little issue: a dress. I needed a dress.
I made the mistake of looking up “prom dresses” in the Google images search bar. Some of the dresses are really pretty. Most of them bare far more skin than I would ever consider modest or acceptable. I’m choosing not to post any pictures of them but you can look them up if you’re curious.
I went dress shopping with a friend of mine last year when she was looking for her prom dress, so I know that this isn't just an issue of the pictures popping up online. I also know that this issue isn't exclusive to dresses. Shirts that bare the stomach (or dresses that have the stomach open), open backs, sinking necklines, skintight fits, and short shorts/skirts are becoming painfully common. I’m sure you've all noticed it. I don’t buy that kind of clothing, and I don’t buy into the ideas that inspire it. I recognise that I’m kind of a loner in my generation when it comes to modesty but I really believe that some things are better left to the imagination. Modesty is my standard and I can be pretty picky about it.
I don’t want to take the time to detail it right this second, but maybe in a later post (or you can leave me a comment if you’re curious now) I can be more specific on what my standards are, because “modesty” is kind of an ambiguous term. I’m sure some of you can relate, though, when I say that I have an incredibly hard time shopping for things I’ll actually wear. Sometimes that can be remedied by a tank-top worn under a shirt that dips too low, or buying something a size larger than I normally wear. But not always. So sometimes, you have to get a little creative.
The thought of trying to find a dress almost put me off the idea of going to prom. In three years of dress shopping with my friends I've found maybe a handful of dresses that match my ideal of “modesty attire”. Trust me; I've tried. The suggestion “get creative” is a little harder to work around in terms of formal wear, so I had to do some serious thinking. There were several factors I needed to consider, and after a bit I came up with a few conclusions:

1.      Even cheap prom dresses are waaaay out of my price range. Dresses are expensive!
2.      I have trouble finding dresses that I think are comfortable and I can move in.
3.      I can never seem to find a dress that I like.
4.      Even if I find one that’s comfortable and I like, that modesty thing is a serious issue.
5.      When taking into account all of the above factors, there’s only one real solution: I needed to make a dress.

Right off, people started telling me I was crazy. I probably am. But I started sewing yesterday and I really actually think it’s going to work.

So is this the most brilliant, creative idea I've ever had, or the craziest? Do you sew? Tell me about some of your projects. How do you get creative when it comes to dressing modestly with today’s fashions?


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